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What is a Same Day Courier Service?

A Same Day Courier service means a consignment is collected (normally within 60 minutes of the confirmed booking) and delivered within the next 24 hours and often on the actual same day depending on the destination and the time that the consignment is collected.

Most Same Day Couriers operate within the UK mainland. The goods are collected using a dedicated vehicle and then that vehicle takes the goods to their destination. So, there is no middleman and no centralised warehouse/dispatch centre. The goods stay with the vehicle and driver until signed for on delivery. This gives you unique security for the goods and peace of mind that they will arrive safe and sound and on time!

Same day delivery couriers are normally required if goods are urgent (e.g., medical supplies), have legal importance (and need to be tracked) or are of a very high value (e.g. Paintings or jewellery). They are also used when machinery breaks down and spare parts are required. Same Day Couriers are a bespoke service and therefore often more expensive than a standard courier, but if the cost of your goods NOT arriving on time outweighs the slightly premium Same day courier offering, then a Same Day Courier Service is for you.