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The Early Bird

Sometimes things get overlooked, mistakes happen, goods don’t get shipped when they should. You can imagine the trouble this could cause especially with time critical or JIT based logistics.

This can either be an minor inconvenience or a major issue. Potentially shutting down entire productions lines or in the case of AOG for example grounding aircraft.
More often than not this problems occur during the night when shifts change and information may not have been relayed properly.

Thankfully our customers know they can call on us, any time, day or night to resolve their logistical issues.
With other 20 years of combined experience and problem solving. We are perfectly qualified to deal complex logistical issues and find a suitable resolution.

Take this morning for example.
One of our customers called in the early hours. They realised they had accidentally left a critical item off an overnight truck. Given the high value, brand recognition and urgency of the part it was imperative the item we delivered that morning. This item had to be almost 200 miles away.

We took the call out of hours, collected the relevant information on the item; dimensions, weight, special requirements. This is standard practice to ensure the right vehicle is allocated. We then actioned the job and had a vehicle onsite for collection in less than 50 mins. Given the nature of the consignment and the client the job was kept in house. Our drivers have years of experience handling and transporting high and ultra high value and fragile goods. The item was then transported directly to the destination, safely delivered, proof of delivery and photo evidence taken and sent back to the client all before 10am.

This is the type of service we have worked hard to cultivate and pride ourselves on. Plus what our customers have come to expect.