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Internet network connector with fibre optics, close-up


Internet is a vital as electric in the business sphere. Reliable connection to the web is often mission critical and gigabit speeds vital.

As we continue to expand and service more demanding clients and complex job the need to stay online has never been more important. Our infrastructure from data entry to telephony is online, a strategic decision instead of having hardware on premises. The advantages of this model are enhanced cyber security and robust data protection for our customers. As well as instant updates and patches to our systems. It also allows our IT team to quick diagnose and repair any issues from anywhere in the world. The only disadvantage; a stable and reliable internet connection.

Our old internet has battled on for years but as demand increases we’ve seen the limitations in its performance and stability. After careful research our IT team settled on a redundant, symmetrical fibre gigabit connection. This commercial grade internet is a far cry from the service you likely have at home. Commercial internet comes with a guaranteed “uptime” from the supplier. That is they must ensure a stable and uninterrupted connection for 99.99% of the year or more. Coupled with the gigabit speeds and “overhead” for expansion and the redundant nature of the hardware we’re happy that our new setup will allow us to service our customers more effectively and without the concerns of downtime.