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Information Technology

Information technology and more so data is at the heart of modern society. With the rapid adoption of AI, the demand for more and more computing capacity has never been urgent. Everything we do and upload online from social media to cloud backups and online services we use every day must be stored and powered somewhere.

This is where data centres come in. Huge, warehouse size complexes filled with cutting edge hardware dedicated to running our digital lives. Hugely expensive and massively complex it is critical these centres remain online 24/7, 365 days a year. Even a few minutes of downtime can cost the owners hundreds of thousands of pounds, reputational damage and worse, loss of vital customer data.

You may not realise it, but you use multiple data centres every day. If you use any Microsoft product, or Google, Apple, or you look at or post on any social media platform, watch Netflix and YouTube you are relying on a data centre to run these services.

Keeping data centres up and running can be a logistical nightmare. Whilst come spare parts are usually kept onsite in reserve in case of malfunction, more critical hardware and infrastructure failures like cooling or electrical systems can threaten the uptime of the centre.

We have well over a decade of inhouse knowledge and experience in the IT industry, unlike most of our peers. This enables us to uniquely understand the requirements for transporting and supplying mission critical hardware to data centres. Whether it’s ground up infrastructure like building materials, cooling and power to rack mount cabinets and cabling conduits. To bare metal servers, networking architecture and sub systems, parts and components.

This knowledge also extends to safely transporting IT equipment to end users, both commercial and residential.

Regardless, computer hardware is expensive and often fragile. Most couriers don’t fully appreciate the precautions needed in shipping these products. We’ve established ourselves as a tried and trusted partner to several high-end IT equipment and service providers throughout the UK.