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We Love a Good Cause

We Love a Good Cause. Like giving back to the communities and causes near and dear to us, our employees, friends, and families.
Thankfully, we’re in the position to do so. Whether it’s a venture that helps enrich our local community or a worthy cause somewhere else in the world.

One such cause came in the way of a dear friend of the company. Her passionate project was to help a childhood friend back in her native Kenya. Her friend was born with a severe disability and there is no national health scheme in Kenya.

You can watch the video below to get the story. A lot has happened since this video was made.

Wanjiku’s Story

We wanted to help and contributed towards her cause. We were just a small part of the team of wonderful people involved. They raised funds, donated time, effort, and resources into building Wanjiku a new, safe, and comfortable home for her and her son.







The house is now finished, furbished and ready. Designed with love by Cathy to be fully accessible. Indoor plumbing, solar power, and battery storage finally allowed Wanjiku to get her TV she’s always wanted.

Look at the cost breakdown on the video. £4000. That’s all it took to build a new home for someone in need. Yes, £4000 is a lot of money, especially in this economy. But not so much when a lot of people give just a little. And that’s the point. You don’t have to try and change the world. Give a little and you’d be surprised just what a difference you’ll make.

We take a lot in life for granted. Most of us have comfortable homes, food on the table, a roof over our heads and access to education and health care. That’s often not the case in many parts of the world. Often not the case right here in England.

If you can, investigate what you can do domestically or abroad to help others less fortunate than yourselves. Whether it’s helping someone in your street or someone across the globe, kindness costs nothing but can make the world of difference.