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Supporting grass roots football . . . back of the net!

Supporting grass roots football . . . back of the net! Not only do we dominate in the sameday courier service sector but also on the football pitch!

Okay, okay so we had a little help. Actually, we’re just humble and proud supporters of the incredible Irchester Romans U16 football team who deservedly celebrated a 4 – 0 victory last week.
We’re thrilled and a huge congratulations to all the players, trainers, staff and everyone involved with the team.

It wasn’t an easy win and the other team, sponsored by our friends over at Xtra Express/Crisis Sameday Couriers, fought hard and we have great respect for their skills and sportsmanship. But we’re delighted that our team won and placed top in their league.

It’s a privilege for us to be in the position to be able to support local causes. To some it may seem trivial – company gives money to local football team in return we get our name on their kit. Yes, we get some advertising, but that’s just a bonus, it’s not the reason we sponsor the team.

We all started somewhere. World class sports people started somewhere, many from exactly the type of club like the Irchester Romans. Unfortunately, especially in these economic times, smaller clubs are struggling to survive. This has a knock-on effect to the community and even the future of young people who might benefit from having the club.

Everyone at HSP Couriers is either a parent or knows someone who is. We all want the best for our kids and to offer them every opportunity to learn, better themselves and succeed. That’s why we chose to sponsor the Irchester Romans. To help give young people something to strive for, somewhere safe and fun and competitive.

Business is a team effort. So is football. Every player on that pitch is a fantastic team member, working towards a common goal. Even if they don’t go on to be the next Ronaldo these skills are invaluable in all aspects of life and a strong foundation for their future career.

We’re excited to see what the team has in store and where the players head on from here. Whatever direction they take, they’ve done us proud!