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Luxury Car Brands Trust Us to Deliver

It’s not every day one of the world’s most well know luxury car brands releases a brand-new model.

But when they do they need the world, industry, media and, most importantly, customers to take notice.
That’s why the unveiling needs to make a splash and go perfectly.

To that end said car company reached out to one of our customers to design, provide, install, and configure some cutting edge displays and interactive kiosks.
Then our customer knew who to entrust with their bespoke equipment and to make certain it was delivered, installed, setup and tested the very morning of the day of the launch.

Working in conjunction with the manufacturer, venue, AV specialists and set builders we delivered, built, integrated into the experience, configured, and tested the gear.

The interactive displays are bespoke hardware, running proprietary software and the end user interactive brand experience. This is well out the remit of your average courier company.
But we’re anything but average.

Our staff have a wide variety of skill, including IT infrastructure, hardware, and software. A skill set perfectly suited to this kind of job and a service our customers enjoy.
They can rest easy in the knowledge that our driver not only will deliver the kit but will know how to set it up, troubleshoot and liaise with our customer to fix any issues.

There were issues, both with the hardware and software, which could have potentially rendered some of the displays unusable.
Thankfully, due to years of experience, our driver was able to find a work around and relay the issues to the customers employee who joined him onsite to make sure that when the big moment came everything would be working flawlessly.

After all, this car brand is known for flawless quality. Why should their grand reveal be anything less?