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New Shoes?

New shoes? Suits you sir!

Over the years we’ve worked with some of the biggest names in fashion. LVMH, Gucci to name but a few.
Our unique approach to logistics, our professionalism, discretion, and reliability makes us the perfect choice for those discerning labels.

From securely storing, sorting, and delivering to shops around the UK we’ve proven our commitment to prestige brands, in the fashion industry and beyond.

We always appreciate the positive feedback and recommendations we earn from our customers and frequently we’re approached through those recommendations by new companies to see if we can help them with their logistics.
Naturally we will create a turnkey solution to cater to the customer and any “unusual” requirements they have.

One such customer which we were delighted to bring onboard some months ago is probably one of the most respected shoe manufacturers in the UK. One of the few remaining companies in the industry who offer truly custom, hand made shoes, from the finest materials using techniques and technology handed down generations.

They approached us with a view of safely and discreetly collecting and delivering stock, same day, to replenish their stores and the delivery of bespoke footwear, sometimes one of a kind.
Given the nature of the goods, high value and man hours involved in creating these gorgeous shoes, plus some unfortunate issues with a previous transport company, they were obviously cautions entrusting us with the work. But, based on our reputation in the industry, and our proposed solution they gave us a chance to prove what we could do.

Several months later, we have a perfect KPI and a very happy customer. Zero failures, zero damaged good. We continue to have an excellent relationship with the company, and more importantly, the people. Both those in the factory and the staff throughout the store network.