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The Importance of Medical Courier Services

The importance of reliable transportation for medical samples has never been so critical. With the NHS under increasing pressure from the surge of Flu and Covid related illnesses over the last couple of months its imperative that samples reach laboratories tasked with analysing and producing results quickly and safely.

This is where dedicated medical couriers like HSP come in. Since our inception we’ve worked with the NHS and other leading medical providers and research labs throughout the UK and beyond.

Along with our peers in the medical transportation sector we may be tasked with transporting time critical blood samples, vital medication, live cultures, Covid samples and much more, including delicate and high value medical equipment.
It’s not just hospitals and medical institutions that rely on medical couriers, if you’ve ever had medicine delivered to your home or a sample collected, that’s us too.

Given the nature of the consignments the utmost care and safety must be adhered to from end to end, especially when dealing with live viruses and other biohazardous materials, to safeguard everyone involved. As such our drivers are trained and issued with all necessary PPE to achieve the this.

During the Covid pandemic we were instrumental in setting up the “pop up” test centres throughout the UK and ensuring they had a steady supply of tests, PPE, and other materials, all while the rest of the country was placed into lock down.
Our drivers as well as others were also placed at higher risk during this period as we were responsible for collecting thousands of live Covid samples daily, collating and transporting them to laboratories around the UK and Ireland.

Without medical couriers the rapid deployment of test centres and life saving tests and treatments would not have been possible.

Fast forward to today and medical couriers are still crucial for the movement of life saving medicines, medical devices, and surgical equipment as well as blood and other samples.
HSP continues to work closely with the NHS and other global medical companies and labs to guarantee patients receive the best possible service and outcome.