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What Are the Advantages of Same day?

We’ve all heard of Yodel, Evri and other next day delivery companies. In fact, next day is the most typical form of delivery for most things we buy, be it Amazon or other online retailers. But what about urgent goods, time critical or high value that can’t afford to go via an overnight service? What Are the Advantages of Same day?

This is where same day or “dedicated” delivery comes into play. Usually this is the realm of business to business, but more and more residential users are becoming aware of this option to ship goods.

So, that being the case we thought we’d demystify same day logistics and hopefully answer a few of the questions some of you might have about the service.

Why choose same day over next day, surely it can wait?

Not always. If you’ve ordered a new washing machine you probably don’t need it the same day. If you’re an airline with an aircraft grounded by a faulty part or a data centre with a downed server, this could be costing you tens of thousands of pounds an hour. Therefore, its imperative replacement parts are delivered ASAP.

Why is same day more expensive, sometimes considerably, than next day?

Unlike overnight, next day, services which operate in bulk and hence can keep costs low, same day is a dedicated service. That is, usually the vehicle that collects the goods will only have that consignment onboard and will be delivered directly to its recipient. This requires much more planning and monitoring, sourcing a suitable and reliable vehicle and driver, direct communication with customer and completion of paperwork and other procedures. All this incurs higher costs.

What is the main advantage of same day dedicated delivery?

Regardless of the consignment the good will be handled with care and transported from point to point on a single vehicle. Unlike next day where the goods are bounced across multiple vehicles and/or distribution centres and can easily be damaged or lost, read here for examples. Same day is heavily used for time critical consignments and high value or fragile goods where the safety of the shipment is paramount.

Is same day, dedicated only for businesses?

No. Although businesses are more likely to use same day there is a growing trend for residential same day. Whilst same day is more expensive than your typical Royal Mail next day delivery people are willing to pay for the peace of mind that whatever they are sending will arrive safely and quickly.

If you have any more questions regarding our same day services or any of our other services feel free to get in touch, we’re always happy to help.