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Always Dependable

We’re well known for our outstanding service, but that’s just one aspect of our ethos. We aim to always be dependable to all our clients. New and old, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Case in point. We were contacted by a company late last week that had been let down by their current logistics provider. They urgently needed to get their products to a trade show on the south coast, on Sunday. They contacted us on Friday. We operate vehicles every day and this late in the week they were already allocated to work over the weekend. However, we always try to accommodate requests when and where we can. We understand the frustration of being let down by contractors at the last moment. The potential to harm your brand or lose a valuable customer as a result.

The team in the office stayed late and worked hard to find a solution. Thankfully they were able to allow up just enough capacity on one of our Luton’s to help the company. We arranged collection first thing Sunday morning, then dedicated delivery straight to the destination in time to meet a representative onsite.

From what we were told the previous company typically didn’t assist once tipped. They left the rep to move heavy items into the venue themselves. This isn’t how we work. Wherever possible our drivers will always help customers and their clients with the freight. Whether it’s handball or delivering items to a specific area with a pump truck or sack truck. We will always try to make the delivery as smooth as possible.

The client was kept abreast of the job every step of the way. From goods onboard to accurate ETA and digital POD and photos upon completion.

The Luton was then back at our secure warehouse to reload for a pre-7 am delivery the following morning. This dependability is what sets us apart from some other courier companies. Anyone can make a promise, not everyone can fulfil it.