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Cutting Edge Medical Tech, Expertly Delivered

The medical industry and its technology are rapidly evolving, with new procedures and devices being developed to save lives. However, the availability of these devices and treatments at the right place and time can be a challenge. Often, hospitals are left without the equipment they need, and it falls upon companies like ours to deliver vital kits, supplies, and medicines at a moment’s notice, anywhere in the UK.

Recently, we were tasked with transporting a RAS (robotic-assisted surgery) system, which is a part of a complex, fragile, and expensive surgical robot designed to assist human surgeons with ultra-precise keyhole surgery. The system was urgently required in Belfast. Fortunately, our customer has been working with us for years and trusts our reputation and commitment to provide the highest level of service and care when it comes to transporting high-value, fragile goods like this.

We collected the RAS within 60 minutes of the job being authorised, late in the afternoon. It was then transported from London to our warehouse, where our Northern Ireland vehicle and staff were waiting to tranship and secure the crate.


We then transported it to Belfast, and it arrived safely and ahead of schedule early the next morning.

From start to finish, we had complete control of the consignment, ensuring the safety of the item. We were able to track the item, and our drivers and vehicles handled it. This was possible due to our dedicated daily trunk from our secure warehouse in Wellingborough to Northern Ireland. We handle the complexities of paperwork administration and route planning, including ferries, giving our customers peace of mind.

Like the medical industry, we are always looking to improve and develop new ways to help our customers transport their critical cargo. We understand the importance of timely and secure delivery of medical equipment and supplies, and we strive to provide the best possible service to our customers.